First bike ride of 2019!


New year, new hopes to enjoy more rides in 2019. So decided to join a local group D2G and this  was first ride of 2019 with the group. Met my old buddies Harshmeet, Archana and many more. It is always fun to run with old buddies. The weather was cool. Fully  enjoyed chilled mornings with fogs of Delhi.

Hope many more wonderful rides in 2019.

Happy New Year!


ADHM 2018!

This is my fourth half marathon, was pretty much excited this time.

The practice was good, weather was better than last time. Able to set my
personal best timing 2:04:32.
The start time was set early morning 5 AM and this force me to leave 3.30 AM from my home.
Look forward to many more runs with every time a new PB 🙂